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Writer / Director David Gordon

With a wing and a prayer I have engaged this blog to offer my take on the personal, local and worldwide changes happening this year – 2012 – and beyond.   I have had the opportunity to research the many facets of alternative information.  In media, history, science, nutrition, medicine, economics, energy and every other study you could make – traditional sources are hide-bound, for-profit and insidiously arrogant.

One could argue that the forces of tyranny are rising, that the “Left–Right” paradigm of politics no longer holds and that we are under assault by a variety of forces.  These people have no qualms about spraying nano-aluminum chemtrials into our skies and onto our land.  They administer medicines made of poisons and active viruses.  Our water supply is a dumping ground for toxic wastes and Nazi brain and rat poison.

We have found ourselves, if we but dare look, in a serious situation, which calls on our every best effort if we want to survive.  Interestingly, at this time, we have available the most powerful set of abilities ever gifted to a species.  Our minds, our faith and above all our dedication to freedom will make the difference.  It is between leaving a world worthy of our children or a descent into a final, creeping breakdown of civilization from with mankind might never emerge.

We are on that edge.  By the best of my abilities, to the generations of the future, I dedicate these writings to finding the truth behind the world as we think we know it and the possibly much darker world where conspiracy is no longer theory.

I chose the Voice of Reason as a name because that’s how I was raised.  Reasonableness, fairness and patience win the day.  I ask your support in helping me keep it real and within the realm of reason.


David Gordon – Voice of Reason


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